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Iqbal Sobhan Chowdhury

Chef Adviser

Iqbal Sobhan did his M.A. in public administration at the University of Dhaka. He serves as the editor of The Daily Observer. He was ex-president of Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists. He is the ex. media and information affairs advisor to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.




MD. KAMRUL ISLAM Is a journalist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I need to work with willpower and honesty until the ultimate day of my existence as an Member within the media. paintings experience in revealed Newspapers :  Get up, make up and edit, Making news mind. Topic choice. Planned implementation. on-line Journalism and PR experience : Search and print information information on line. Energetic in all social media which include LinkedIn, facebook, Twitter. Energetic in local and foreign news companies, newshounds’ companies. Journalism through broadcasting. A long experience working in law on journalism.


Shahin Babu

General Secretary

Shahin Babu is a journalist based in Dhaka, Bangladesh. 🇧🇩Bangla 🇺🇸English 🇳🇪Hindi I live in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Journalist by profession and an organizer. I want to work with dedication and honesty till the last day of my life as an Member in the media. ⭕ Work Experience in Printed Newspapers:: Grassroots Reporting, Investigative Journalism, Climate and Nature Journalism, Uncommon Diseases and Health Journalism. Get up, make up and edit, Making news thoughts. Topic selection. Planned implementation. ⭕ Online Journalism and PR Experience :: Active in online journalism since 2005. Search and print news information online. Data journalism. Active in all social media including LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Active in local and foreign news organizations, journalists’ organizations. ⭕ Journalism through broadcasting:: Originally involved in television (broadcasting) journalism since 2006. Field reporting experience on Bangladesh Television BTV, the state broadcaster of Bangladesh, from 2006 to 2009 and from 2013 to 2017. Create / produce regular audio visual documents produced by my own organization.

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Justice For Journalist’s Foundation is a research and development organization for the welfare, development, and security of journalists, and a journalist development, security, welfare oriented, non-political, voluntary, non-profit charity.

Justice For Journalist’s Foundation is an independent, non-profit organization that works for the freedom of the press, security of all kinds, and the overall rationale of journalists around the world.
Will. Will work to protect the logical and legal rights of journalists, including safe and fearless, fearless news gathering and reporting. It will fight against the attempts to suppress the free press and establish justice. It will work to provide all kinds of protection to the journalists including digitization everywhere in journalism.

Based on the research, it will work to provide a global snapshot of the barriers to an open news media worldwide, including the entire country. Each year, the media will report on the injustices, injustices, and abuses of journalists, meet with relevant heads of state, diplomats, and high-ranking officials to discuss the steps required to establish a free media and justice. Will work to provide life-saving assistance through relevant assistance.

Provide basic and vocational training to journalists in order to enhance their skills both domestically and internationally. Participate in research and resource development activities on various topics in the welfare of journalists at national / international level. By eradicating yellow journalism, fairness, people-friendliness and partnership in the development of the state will work to build a journalistic society and reflect the hopes and aspirations of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu.

Our Activities

01) Recognize the achievements of the journalists and the best practices of the media organizations through the award program. By educating journalists about the best practices, skills and innovations and applying them to professional work, the fourth pillar of the state will help journalism to reach the highest category, which will be helpful in every field of the state. By assisting journalists in formulating policies and registrations, they will work to establish genuine professional journalists and gain national recognition and status, and obtain state certificates for journalists. To establish free media will work to establish recruitment and partnership of registered journalists in all government and non-government organizations. Create products and services that help journalists build professional pride at all stages of their careers.

02) Will monitor the efforts to suppress the free press and will fight for justice. The legal defense of journalists will protect journalists through the formation of a permanent fund. About journalists through training and education
Will increase public awareness and support. The media will build the confidence of the public, the party and the government, and will create greater accountability in the profession through ethics response teams, ethics hotlines and other programming. Forms and incorporates journalists’ unions / clubs / units and works for the formation, actual implementation and ownership of wage boards, ensuring fair balance and pay among journalists and security.

03) Promote and advance ethics through a code of ethics which is the most used code in journalism today. According to the Code of Ethics, journalists will be encouraged to boldly tell stories of the diversity and dimensions of human experience that will be established as the construction of the future in journalism. Provide protection to the journalists and will work to give justice to the journalists by adding clauses and laws to protect the journalists in the existing digital security law and will work to formulate a separate protection law for the journalist community.

04) Actively design initiatives that will raise new and diverse voices in journalism. Students and young professionals will help prepare the next generation of journalists through the program. Engage, recruit and educate journalists on technology and innovation to build the future of journalism. This foundation will work to make recommendations and implementation to the concerned department including the Ministry of Information to bring all the real journalists ‘organizations and organizations under the purview of the National Journalists’ Organization and guide them through rules and regulations.

05) Charitable Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Health Care Centers, Family Planning Centers, Satellite Clinics, Community Clinics, Hospitals, Immunization, Donation Camps, Maternal and Child Health Free Healthcare Camps, Arsonic Free Pure Water Supply, Will take various activities including sanitation project.